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About Us

Meet the Hearts Behind MeTreat Retreats: Vikki & Tanya's Journey to Wellness

Welcome to MeTreat Retreats, founded by Vikki Friedman, a mother of three and a warrior in her battle with anxiety and depression. Her personal healing journey inspired the creation of a retreat sanctuary for women, especially mothers seeking self-care and joyous connections. In 2017, Vikki transformed her commitment to wellness into a reality, leaving her job to focus on helping women recharge and reconnect.


Joining her is Tanya Levy, a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher with over 27 years in the wellness industry. Tanya's expertise in personal development enriches MeTreat Retreats, offering women guidance to overcome inner challenges and embrace life fully. Together, they offer a nurturing space for women to find laughter, support, and growth.

About Vikki

Vikki Friedman is the Founder of MeTreat Retreats and a busy mother of three teenage boys. She started the business following a long and difficult history with anxiety and depression, which resulted in her being hospitalised for five weeks when her three boys were very young.​

Once Vikki recovered, she made a promise to herself to attend a retreat every year as part of regular self-care and prevention of relapse. Vikki had learned the importance of 'ME' time and self-care and realised that when she is happy and well, her family and relationships benefit too.

Vikki had an amazing time at various retreats over the next five years and in addition to the wellness activities she participated in, found her favourite aspect of each retreat was the opportunity to connect with other women, form new friendships, share new experiences and, most importantly, have fun and laugh!!

In 2017 she made the decision to leave her job in online-fundraising to start MeTreat Retreats. She wanted to bring her love of retreats and her understanding of the huge benefits they provide to all women, and in particular, mums who often struggle to find the time to look after themselves.

Vikki is responsible for planning, organising and marketing MeTreat Retreats. Vikki loves connecting with, supporting and helping women to thrive in all areas of their lives.

About Tanya

Tanya Levy joined MeTreat Retreats as a partner at the beginning of 2019.  

Tanya is an experienced health and wellness powerhouse. Passionate
about inspiring others to lead a limitless and purposeful life, Tanya educates,
empowers, and inspires people to become the best version of themselves. 
Tanya’s career started in 1992, in marketing and corporate events
management for Coles Myer. During this time Tanya also began a journey
into the healing arts and experienced a calling to uncover a greater meaning
for life.

Tanya has been studying and teaching yoga and meditation for 27 years. She
runs international and national wellness retreats, facilitates intuitive healing
sessions, and is a Jay Shetty Life coach.


Tanya has become an expert in stress management. She regularly delivers workshops to corporate clients and online global events on how to create positive habits in support of a healthy work-life balance.

As well as being a caring and compassionate practitioner, Tanya is also a lot of fun and enjoys life to the full as well as being a present and loving mum to her two teenage sons.

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