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Vikki Friedman is the Founder of MeTreat Retreats and a busy mother of three teenage boys. She started the business following a long and difficult history with anxiety and depression, which resulted in her being hospitalised for five weeks when her three boys were very young.

Once Vikki recovered, she made a promise to herself to attend a retreat every year as part of regular self-care and prevention of relapse. Vikki had learned the importance of 'ME' time and self-care and realised that when she is happy and well, her family and relationships benefit too.

Vikki had an amazing time at various retreats over the next five years and in addition to the wellness activities she participated in, found her favourite aspect of each retreat was the opportunity to connect with other women, form new friendships, share new experiences and, most importantly, have fun and laugh!!

In 2017 she made the decision to leave her job in online-fundraising to start MeTreat Retreats. She wanted to bring her love of retreats and her understanding of the huge benefits they provide to all women, and in particular, mums who often struggle to find the time to look after themselves.

Vikki is responsible for planning, organising and marketing MeTreat Retreats. Vikki loves connecting with, supporting and helping women to thrive in all areas of their lives.




Tanya Levy joined MeTreat Retreats as a partner at the beginning of 2019.  Tanya offers personal development programs and services via her wellbeing company In Purpose


Tanya has used the last 27 years searching for the meaning of life and the purpose of hers. She is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher and has also been involved in the healing arts and the wellness industry for well over 27 years. 


Tanya helps women shine a light on the shadow aspects of themselves through movement, diet, creative visualisation, stress management and, addressing fears and limiting beliefs and replacing them with self-enhancing ones. Tanya currently runs international Yoga and Personal Development retreats. 


As well as being a caring and compassionate practitioner, Tanya is also a lot of fun and enjoys life to the full as well as being a present and loving mum to her two teenage sons.

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