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What women are saying

Check out what our guests had to say about their genuine MeTreat Retreat experiences.

Take a peek at their stories of relaxation and fun!

“The very thought of a weekend away by ourselves, no kids, no hubbies, got us wanting, longing, desiring. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Mum guilt played a huge role in our decision, so much so, we almost turned it down, but my gawd, we are so glad we didn’t. The retreat, on May 24 – 26, was honestly one of the best weekends we’ve ever had, and one of the best experiences we’ve shared together."

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Lisa Schefman and Helen James

“Thank you Vikki for allowing me to be part of your dream. I feel relaxed, revitalized and ready to tackle life at home again."


“Thank you so much Vikki for organising this whole experience. This retreat is really special to me. It has been very refreshing and exuberant to experience and I have enjoyed such a special time with other mums. Thank you again."


“Honestly it was such good value for money, I have spent more just for my hotel in Sydney a few months ago. This includes all your food and drinks, wine, 2 yoga classes, 2 meditation classes and so much more. It also includes sanity rejuvenation which you cannot put a price on. I came home to my kids feeling pampered, energized and completely rejuvenated."

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Zoe George

“Vikki, it is so wonderful that you bought an amazing group of women together to celebrate their strengths.
So often we go through every day looking after everyone but ourselves and this was a rare opportunity to reflect on what an amazing job we do as partners, mums and friends."


“Thank you for all the thought, energy and time you have put into creating this retreat. Well done." 


“Thank you Vikki for a lovely few days. Everything on offer was fabulous with enough downtime as well. Can't wait to come back!"


“After my METreat weekend, I arrived home relaxed, happy, relieved and my family were grateful for the mummy that arrived home. Thanks Vikki for sharing your dream with us."


“What a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend with girlfriends and like minded mothers.
As soon as I stepped into Continental House, I felt calm and relaxed. The old home is a real treasure and on a beautiful property. The space is fantastic with so many interesting rooms both old and modern. It was lovely to sit and eat on the large balcony and be surrounded by the very vocal birds. All the meals were wonderful and not only beautiful to look at but very tasty too. I loved having the opportunity to spend quality time with my girlfriends, eating slowly at the dining table and going on 2 beautiful guided walks. The highlight for me was the Turkish Hamman Bath which is on the property and was a real treat – I have never felt so clean! Thank you METreat.”


“Had a fabulous time on my METREAT - relaxing and indulgent with plenty of laughs as well.
The food and surrounds were wonderful."


“Thanks Vikki for a lovely weekend! The food was delicious, the walks were just what I needed and
the Turkish Hamman was something I’ve never done before and very relaxing!
Would highly recommend this weekend away for busy mums..”


“Was a beautiful getaway immersed in fresh air, good will and a much needed dose of calm."