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Our Retreats and Events

Make 2024 your best year yet

with our award winning women's wellness retreats and events


Get ready for wellness with a twist in 2024! Designed especially for the modern woman, our MeTreat Retreats and Eventsare the perfect blend of relaxation, fun, and self-discovery. Life's busy, and sometimes overwhelming, right? We get it.  In the whirlwind of life, take a pause.


That's why we've crafted a sanctuary where you can reset, recharge, and rekindle the spark. With expert-led activities and a focus on genuine self-care, think of it as your personal pit stop in the fast lane of life. Dive into a cocktail of laughter, fun, and oh-so-deserved pampering. Think of it not just as a retreat or event, but a spa party with a sprinkle of soul-searching, backed by our dream team of experts. Our team is here to ensure your journey is both enriching and enjoyable.


This isn't just another retreat or wellness event; it's a rejuvenating journey where genuine self-care meets exhilarating fun.

Our 2024 Retreats and Events

We can't wait for the opportunity to nurture and pamper you, uplift you, re-energise you and immerse you in lots of opportunities to laugh and have fun in 2024!



Happy memories

​We had such an incredible time at our retreats this year. 

There was so much learnt and shared, beautiful connections made and lots of fun and giggles.

We'd love you to check out some of our favourite photos from our time away below.



Sarah Willmott

Retreat Me Happy

I’m beyond grateful. My cup is filled so high. From someone who went completely out of her comfort zone, I’m 100% an advocate for this time away. Nourish your soul, it will be loved.

Peace Mitchell
The Women's Business Collective

MeTreat was a beautiful, indulgent, luxurious experience. Connections, friendship and relaxation with time for laughter and quiet.

Maria Davis
Maria Heals

Feeling blissed and blessed this morning. Post retreat. I attended MeTreat Retreat this weekend. It was so very special. My soul and spirit are soaring.  

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