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July METreat at King Parrot Cottages & Event Centre, Pennyroyal, VIC : 26 - 28  July 2019


  • Your children are growing up fast and life is a hectic whirlwind of school notices, schlepping the kids to their activities, trying to run your household and keep everybody happy.


  • You are perpetually tired, chasing your tail and trying to keep on top of everything and keep everyone happy.


  • You don’t think that you are being a great wife, mother, friend and work colleague most of the time.  You often snap at the kids, ignore your husband, turn up late for work and fantasise about running away to a desert island on your own!


  • You wish you were a better friend and had more time to hang out with your girlfriends, but they are all running around like headless chickens too!


  • You aren’t entirely sure what your purpose is in life any more and get the feeling that time is slipping away as the year hurtles from January through to Xmas.


  • You’d like to get fit, eat healthy, feel less anxious and stressed all the time and sleep better at night, but you feel like you don’t have the time or the energy to do anything about it.


  • In honesty, most of what you do is about pleasing everyone else and not actually doing what you want to do to feed your soul, fill up your cup and make you truly happy in life.


  • You feel like you want to be free again. You feel like you want to be yourself again. You feel like you want to be silly again. You feel like you want to be a little girl again without the responsibilities of adult life and parenting.




On our July METreat Retreat we will re-introduce you to the 6 KEYS TO HAPPINESS, so that you can give back to yourself, re-fill your cup, re-discover your passion in life and feel like YOU again.









At the retreat we will organise everything for you, nurture you, feed you, tidy up after you and provide you with activities and experiences that will show you how to embody the 6 KEYS OF HAPPINESS – both on the retreat and when you return home after the weekend.

After a weekend with us, you will return home a happier and less stressed version of yourself so that you can be a better mother, partner, friend, work colleague and all-round amazing human being.



The retreat program will take place at the delightful King Parrot Cottages & Event Centre, which is near to the Great Ocean Road and Lorne in the Otway Ranges, nestled on the north-facing hillside of the spectacular Pennyroyal Valley (approx 2 hours drive from Melbourne).


The architecturally designed cottages offer comfort, character and privacy in a rustic bush land setting, including stunning valley views. Crisp, clean linen, pillows and doonas are provided for all bedding. The centre offers a games room, mini golf course, bush-walking tracks with waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife and farm animals to pet. The Lodge & Hall offers a large dining area and comfy group lounge room, a long veranda with spectacular views and a spacious yoga and meditation space.

View at King Parrot Cottages
Lounge @ King Parrot Cottages
Waterfall @ King Parrot Cottages
Dining hall @ King Parrot Cottages
The lake @ King Parrot Cottages
Yoga Studio @ King Parrot Cottages
Cottage @ King Parrot Cottages
Wildlife @ King Parrot Cottages
Games Room @ King Parrot Cottages


We are offering a range of different types of accommodation in two of the cottages on the property. We are offering single accommodation (1 spot), twin share (8 spots) and shared rooms (7 spots – maximum 4 in a room).

The property also features 2 private cottages that can be hired as either single or twin accommodation. Please get in contact with us to enquire about costs and availability of hiring your own private cottage for the retreat.

All beds are made up with crisp white sheets, a warm cosy doona and additional blankets. Thick white bath sheets are provided for each guest. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen, TV, DVD & CD players, wood fire heaters, wall heaters and large outdoor deck with BBQ.

Lounge @ King Parrot Cottages
Bedroom @ King Parrot Cottages
Veranda @ King Parrot Cottages
Kitchen @ King Parrot Cottages
Bedroom @ King Parrot Cottages
Bedroom @ King Parrot Cottages


The retreat program covers all on-site activities and catering from 3pm on Friday 26 July to 3.30pm on Sunday 28 July.

Retreat Inclusions

  • Welcome and Closing Circles by Tanya Levy/Vikki Friedman

  • 3 x Yoga Sessions by Tanya Levy

  • 3 x Meditation sessions by Tanya Levy

  • 2 x Guided Nature Walks by Tanya Levy/Vikki Friedman

  • 2 x Personal Development Sessions by Tanya Levy


The retreat program will include free time for rest, chillaxing, getting to know each other better, fun and giggles!

Retreat Extras

Saturday afternoon we will have DREAMTIME. Extra treatments/activities need to booked in advanced. This space is offered to you to :

  • Relax

  • Rest

  • Partake in-house treatments – eg healing, PsychK, massage etc TBA


  • All attendees will be provided with delicious and healthy meals made with love by our retreat caterer Marianne Taft. Marianne has a passion for fusing cuisines, especially from Asian and Mediterranean countries – the result of her adventures living abroad in France, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, and Asia. The emphasis is on healthy, delicious food that looks beautiful. Produce and dishes are seasonally selected from local suppliers as much as possible, including fresh farm and organic produce.

  • Marianne will be providing all meals including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

  • The menu will include a range of vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and light meats with decadent yet not too naughty desserts!

  • Organic herbal teas will be available for the duration of the retreat

  • Menu adjustments can be made for participants with specific dietary requirements.

  • A range of wines will be served with dinner.

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Vikki Friedman is the Founder of METreat. She started the business following a long and difficult history with anxiety and depression, which resulted in her being hospitalised for five weeks when her three boys were very young. Once Vikki recovered, she made a promise to herself to attend a retreat every year as part of regular self-care and prevention of relapse. Vikki had an amazing time at various retreats over the next five years, and in 2017 made the decision to leave her job in online-fundraising to start METreat Retreats. She wanted to bring her love of retreats and her understanding of the huge benefits they provide to women and in particular, mums. Vikki’s is responsible for planning, organising and marketing METreat Retreats.  Vikki loves connecting with, supporting and helping women to thrive in all areas of their lives.



We are delighted to announce that Tanya Levy is joining the METreat team!! Tanya is the founder and Director of the White Lotus Yoga Centre  and offers self-development programs and services via her wellbeing company In Purpose. Tanya has used the last 27 years searching for the meaning of life and the purpose of hers. She is an experienced yoga teacher and has also been involved in the healing arts and the Wellness industry for well over 27 years. Tanya helps women shine a light on the shadow aspects of themselves through movement, diet, creative visualisation, stress management and, addressing fears and limitations and replacing them with self-enhancing ones. Tanya currently runs international Yoga and Self Development retreats. As well as being a caring and compassionate practitioner, Tanya is also a lot of fun and enjoys life to the full as well as being a present and loving mum to her two teenage sons.



Check out what some of the wonderful women who joined us at the July METreat Retreat at The King Parrot Cottages, Pennyroyal had to say about their experiences on retreat!


Our retreats are exclusive, very affordable and filling up fast!


We’d love to speak to you personally about you joining us at the July METreat Retreat from Friday 26 -Sunday 28 July 2019.


To secure your spot or just find out more about whether our retreat is what you are looking for, please give Vikki a call on 0410 745737 or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you asap to arrange a time for a chat.

Payment Plans are available.