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5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Mums' Retreat

As we mums know all too well, we often put ourselves last in terms of self care and self love. When our children are babies it is all about providing them with their immediate physical needs and trying to get them go to bloody sleep! In the primary years it is all about helping them navigate the educational, emotional and social demands of school. As they grow older and enter those wonderful teen years we often turn into glorified taxi drivers and emotional punching bags! Add to that the demands of running a household, meeting our partner’s needs and managing our careers or businesses – it’s no wonder we are all so bloody knackered all the time.

A mums’ retreat is a perfect opportunity to give yourself the gift of ‘ME’ time – to restore, relax, unwind, connect and have fun.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should say ‘YES’ to treating yourself to a weekend away with other mums:

1. Let go and release

When mums spend time surrounded by other women, in nature and away from their families, they have time to let go of fear or anxieties they have about being a mum or about life in general in a nurturing and supportive environment.

2. Transform yourself

Real change can take place when you give yourself permission to slow down, practice self care, exercise, be in nature, tap into your creative side and have fun and connect with other women. The benefits you reap on the retreat can extend well beyond the weekend and benefit your relationship with your children and partner when you go home.

3. Pause, restore and revive

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and overscheduled, a mums’ retreat offers you the opportunity to take time out from your normal schedule, relax, restore and re-energise.

4. Make new friendships/ create new memories

Retreats bring mums who know each other and mums who don’t know each other together in a relaxed environment. There is no judgement and participants have the opportunity to make new friends or create new memories with existing friends. Too often we barely have time to have a proper chat when passing each other in the playground or dropping kids at activities. Sharing meals and taking part in nurturing and fun experiences during a retreat weekend with other mums is food for the soul and helps us feel less isolated and more connected with each other.

5. Be a mentor / find a mentor

Motherhood constantly changes as our children and families grow. Women at different stages of motherhood have different needs and can be in need of different kinds of support. At a mums’ retreat, older or more experienced mums can mentor new mums and older mums/grandmothers can find that helping others in their journey can provide them with a new sense of purpose and joy.

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