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Women’s Circles – Are They Really My Thing?

Circle @ Amarant Retreat

Women’s Circles seem to be all the rage at the moment, but we have noticed that some women seem to want to run for the hills when you invite them to attend one!!

We think these might be the same women who say ‘Meditation’s not for me! I’m just no good at it’ or ‘I couldn’t possibly come away on a retreat. How could I justify investing that time and money in myself?’

So we thought it might be wise to clarify exactly what a Woman’s Circle is and what the benefits are of attending one.

We're not sure if there is a single definition but our interpretation is that a Women’s Circle is an intimate gathering, where women learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to others.

Women circles have been taking place for centuries in many different races and cultures and all around the world. Many were directly tied to menstruation and the moon cycles.

Of course, there are many different flavours of Women’s Circles currently being run - it very much depends on the values and ideology of the person or group that is running the circle. Some may be very spiritual or mystical in nature, some may be themed, for example around the timing of a new or full moon or the menstrual cycle, or others may be run solely for the purpose of bringing women together to achieve connection and wellbeing.

Women’s circles are increasing in popularity and in an age where large numbers of women are suffering from depression, loneliness and anxiety, could be of great benefit in minimalising mental health issues.

Below we have listed 5 Benefits of attending a Women’s Circle:

1) They provide a safe space: Women have a safe space to be vulnerable, they can share both their tears and laughter. In the circle, women can share freely without fear of judgement, in an environment that is safe and supported.

Circle @ Amarant Retreat