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Embracing Relaxation: Why Having Wine on Retreat Is Perfectly Okay

There's an ongoing debate in the wellness world about whether or not it’s OK to allow participants to drink alcohol at a retreat.

Surely going to a wellness retreat is all about eating and drinking healthily, detoxing your body and mind and taking a break from potentially problematic substances such as coffee and alcohol?

As with many aspects of life, there are both benefits and misconceptions about enjoying a glass or two of wine on retreat.

First to consider is the fact that there are many different types of retreats out there. Some are more rigid and health focused than others and may concentrate on diet, renouncing vices and detoxification.

Other retreats may be more about enjoying a little bit of everything, but in moderation. Here, balance is key and personal responsibility is vital.

The primary purpose of many wellness retreats is relaxation, rejuvenation and self-reflection. Having a glass or two of wine around the dinner table with other retreat participants can enhance the relaxation process for some individuals, helping them to unwind and de-stress from their ‘normal’ lives and ease into the retreat environment.

That being said, mindful consumption and moderation on retreat is key.

Enjoying a glass or two of wine can be part of a mindful, conscious approach to relaxation, rather than a means of excessive indulgence and intoxication.

Some retreat guests (and don’t forget that many arrive on their own without knowing other retreat participants) find sharing a glass of wine can help foster connections and deepen relationships with other participants that they have recently met.

Mealtimes are an important part of the retreat experience and an opportunity for guests to come together to share, laugh, discuss and get to know each other better. This can happen, with or without a glass of wine - but for those who do enjoy wine in moderation, it can feel like a treat to enjoy a glass or two with new friends.

It’s important to note that everyone at a retreat has their own personal boundaries and can make their own choices. Not everyone will choose to partake in alcohol and it’s important to respect the decisions that guests make.

Retreat hosts can always offer mocktails or other fun non-alcoholic options to guests who prefer not to imbibe - to make sure that they feel included, regardless of what they are drinking.

Offering some wine at a retreat can set a tone of enjoyment, celebration, fun and joy. It’s a chance to indulge all the senses throughout the retreat and moves participants away from the concept of abstinence and self-restraint.

Whether or not to drink alcohol is the retreat guests’ personal decision.

Alcohol consumption should be carefully monitored by the retreat hosts to ensure that all guests enjoy the experience and drink responsibly.

At our MeTreat Retreats in Hepburn Springs, we are delighted to offer our guests an informative and welcoming Wine Tasting Session and Grazing Platter with the lovely Marg from Kangaroo Hills Organic Farm.

We also serve these wines during mealtimes at the retreat. These delicious wines are made only from grapes grown organically on the farm without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

No synthetic chemical fertilizers are used in the vineyard - only natural fertilizers from the sheep that graze among the vines during their dormant period are used!

No herbicides, insecticides or fungicides are used and no chemical additives are used throughout the wine making process. Kangaroo Hills’ wines are even vegan!

All wines are not created equal and in our decision to serve wine at our retreats we sourced wines that not only taste delicious but have been responsibly grown and produced.

We'd love you to join us for a few glasses of wine (if you choose to do so) and a whole lot of wellness, friendship and fun at our upcoming 2024 retreats!

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